Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camberwell market

Every Sunday morning I get up at 5am, say goodbye to my boys and drive to the Camberwell Market to peddle my wares. I arrive at about 6am and head straight to the regular cafe and sit with my first (and much needed) coffee for the day. My friends Bec and Jon from Little Shop of Handmade arrive soon after and we sit and chat about our week. Then we head out to the market to see what goodies we can find. Because we are there so early we get the best pick and always manage to pick up great bargains. Everything is secondhand or handmade and it is where I mostly get all that I need. I can buy a few things for little money and not feel guilty about spending.
We shop for a bit, making sure that we cover all aisles, and then we have breakfast...the same thing every week. It is not until about 8am that we finally set up our stalls and trade until 12.30. This Sunday ritual is something that I look forward to. It is my time where I don't have to worry about Jonty and I can just relax and completely enjoy myself.... and the bonus is that I find great buys in the morning and then I make some money from my stall selling the clothes that I have made during the week!

I bought this vintage dress for $10 and the fantastic green enamel jug for $6.50... I've wanted one just like it for a long time!

I also picked up all this fabric for $20 which will be for Rummage Style and will save me some time during the week not having to search the opp shops.

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