Friday, August 20, 2010

Cooking with toddlers

People often ask me where I find the time to do all this cooking and gardening. I run my own business and am a stay at home mum with a two year old little boy. Some days it is hard and I can't get done all that I wanted and it can be frustrating, but most days we plod along doing all the chores. I decided a little while ago that the best way to entertain an active toddler is to just try and do everything that you need to do with them alongside. They love to "help" and get a kick out of doing grown up things and feeling useful. Jonty loves to have a go at vacuuming, sweeping, etc, and he especially loves cooking. Yes, it takes about five times as long than if I did it alone and it can get messy, but things do get done and Jonty learns and has fun.

I also find that when he cooks with me he is more likely to eat the food! Anyone living with a fussy toddler knows what a mission it is to get them to eat so I found that I have more success when he does the cooking with me. This all makes for a happier little boy which equals happier Mamma!

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