Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Day Jonty Ate A Snowpea

It's a special day for me today. This morning while Jonty and I were doing a spot of weeding in the vege patch he showed interest in a snowpea that I had picked off the vine and was about to eat. I offered it to him and, surprise, he actually had a go at eating it! He spat it out after a little chew but the game was now started and we spent some time picking and eating snowpeas together. This was a special time for me as this was the image that I had always dreamt of when I decided to grow my own vegetables. I had a dreamy, romantic vision of Jonty and I spending our days in the garden digging in the dirt and eating fresh crunchy peas. Well, this is actually what we did this morning... a dream come true really!

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  1. Hello there,
    Ive just found your lovely blog and Im hooked. Im adding you to my sidebar over at http://www.treasurehuntergirl.blogspot.com/

    This post made me laugh as I had the exact same moment with my six year old and a snow pea. As you can tell by his age we started quite late with the eating & growing veggies bit.