Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Our Chooks

Our friends whose chickens we were chook sitting have come home and we have since returned their lovely ladies. I hadn't realised just how much I had enjoyed having them until they were gone and I decided that I had to have some of our own straight away! After a little ringing around we discovered that it was the wrong time of the year to purchase any purebreds and that they wouldn't be ready for another four months! There was no way that I could wait that long so we went for some crossbreds in a few different colours. After some research I learnt that it is the Isa Browns that lay for the shortest period of time, about two years, with the others laying for more like three years. They will all pop out the odd egg after that but they can't be relied upon for a regular supply. We have decided on trying out a system where we introduce new chickens every year so that we have a good supply of eggs and some chickens always in their prolific years. After that they are still useful for composting and just to have as pets. We are lucky to have the space to be able to keep them.

We love our new girls and have spent lots of time watching them sorting out their pecking order which, thankfully, hasn't been at all violent. The white one is Dora. She is at the head of the pack. She has knock knees, a large floppy comb and we think, attention deficit disorder! The creamy coloured one is Brulee and a delicate girly girl. The brown/orange one is yet to be named but her likes include a whole lot of eating! And Priscilla is the black one and my favourite. She is the friendliest one and gives off lovely clucking sounds when you give her a cuddle. In the light she is very glam with purple, orange and green highlights on her black feathers.
They came having just started laying so we don't have to wait at all and have already had about seven eggs, all a very cute little pullet size. They will get bigger as they get a little older. Dora popped out the first egg about two hours after arriving and since then it has felt like receiving a present every time we go down there to pick up the eggs left for us!

My very clever husband has also rigged up some special feeders that seem to work better than the regular feeders that most people use. Made out of recycled pvc piping, elbows and caps they are great at holding a few days of feed and stop some of the birds eating it all and they spread less on the ground.
Clever husband is also working on another project which I will share with you in a few weeks when it is all finished!


  1. Such beautiful girls! Pullet eggs are supposed to be wonderful - enjoy.

  2. Hi Theresa, I love these little feeders. I'm going to show them to Hanno. Your home is divine. So pretty!