Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Productive Day

Some people are horrified by the time that Jonty wakes for the day but as I am an early riser too it suits me. What is even better, however, is that because he only sleeps about 9 hours overnight, he has a massive 3 or more hours of sleep in the afternoon. This means that lots can be done during this time and today I think I just about broke my record with how much I produced during Jonty's sleep! I made .... a large batch of bolognaise sauce to be frozen down in portions (and also for tonight's dinner), a batch of fresh pasta, a loaf of bread, two pizza bases, a batch of ricotta cheese, a batch of fresh mozzeralla and a couple dozen coconut macaroons.

I have only just started making our own cheese after much reading and research and also after ordering the necessary cheesecloth, thermometer, live bacterias, etc. The first and easiest cheese to make is ricotta and as long as you have milk and either lemon juice or vinegar you can make it too. It's easy and it tastes heaps better than what you can normally buy from the supermarket. I got 800gms from 3.8Lts of milk which cost me about $4.00.

Making mozzeralla is a little more tricky but like anything, with practice you get the feel of it and work it out. I'm not going to post the recipes because there are lots of good ones if you just do a quick search on google. I think that it is best to just look around and find the one that you find the easiest to read and understand.
I have wanted to make cheese for a long time and, like all of our homemade produce, once I have started I will now make it part of my normal week and that is a few more products that I can cross off the grocery list! That is my aim; to reduce my shopping to just the bare basics where everything else is grown and made at home. I already don't have to buy very much and I hardly ever buy preprepared foods, but still when I go to the supermarket and am loading those groceries onto the conveyor belt I am figuring out how I can replace those items with something that I can make or grow myself... it's my personal challenge! It's not just about reducing my carbon footprint, but also about saving money, eating food free from all sorts of nasty unfood like ingredients and most of all, for me it is the independence from others to feed me and my family. I want the freedom to make the choices about what goes into the belly of my little two year old son. I want to know exactly was is in the food he eats. Not to mention that it's also a whole lot of fun!

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  1. You are way ahead of me. Cheeze making and soap making are next on my list. You make it look easy. ;-D