Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the garden

We have had a lot of rain lately and then add some sunshine like we have had over the last few weeks and you get plants that seem to grow inches overnight! I have started to harvest the heirloom radishes that I planted a little while ago and am loving the little surprise that you get from planting a bunch of seeds that are all different. When you pull them up you don't know what colour you are going to get! So pretty.

Everything seems to be going really well and in a month or so I think that we will definitely have enough veg to sustain us... can't wait to stop buying them from the supermarket!

The silverbeet above has been going strong for at least six months now. I continuously harvest it and as I have enough plants I am able to let them grow again to nice sized leaves before I have to pick from that plant again. It's such a great vegetable. I use it just like I would spinach but I find it easier to grow (I have had problems with spinach bolting) and it also goes further when you cook it. It has that great earthy flavour.

I have three varieties of garlic planted and I am hoping it will be enough to keep us going until I can grow it again next year and also enough for planting as seed. It seems quite happy. The brussel sprouts have also taken off after seeming like they would never do anything. We are really looking forward to watching them grow as they are like nothing else!

Above is a planter box full of potatoes. It's a great way to fill new raised beds as you add straw, compost, manure, etc on top of the plant as it grows. I have another plot of a few other varieties that are further along. I am going to have a go at storing them to see if we can get them to last the year. I have done some calculations as to how many we may need (I have done this with other vegetables as well) and am hoping I have got it right. But it's the first year of doing all this and I will learn for next time and make adjustments. I think that I will have to keep a really good log book.

Here is a new bed of lots of seeds that are growing beautifully. It's the first of the new raised beds that we planted out and as it is full of good compost and manure everything is growing better and faster than in other beds I have planted. I'm looking forward to getting seed into the other new raised beds with hopefully the same success!

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