Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My seeds have arrived!

One of the most exciting times throughout the year is when my seed catalogue from the Diggers Club arrives. I get so excited that I already have it opened as I walk back to the house and frantically flip through the pages to see what is new. For days I pour through the pages circling everything that I'm going to buy and then after I have sent through my order I wait impatiently for it to arrive. And then when it does arrive! I rip open that box and sift through all my seed packets...for days! Just ask my husband, I am constantly looking at them, planning where they are going to be planted and basically just being obsessed! This whole process (not to mention the planting, growing and harvesting) is one of my many joys. Seed raising is so much more satisfying to me than buying seedlings. Not to mention that is costs so little to get hundreds of plants and the variety of unusual and heirloom varieties is vast and never ending. This time around I bought lots of heirloom vegetables, some grain crops and a selection of beautiful old fashioned flowers and herbs that I have been wanting to grow like Queen Anne's Lace, Borage, Hyssop and German Camomile. We also got some great big sunflowers that I think Jonty will enjoy, along with the chickens when they get some of those seed heads!
What also makes me extra excited about this lot of seeds is that I have somewhere very exciting to grow them. Clever husband is in the middle of building me an area of raised vegetable beds in an area of our yard that is ugly and unused and also very sunny! I have already planted out one bed and, as I am using the no dig method and laying down loads of compost and manure, the seeds are powering along!
I will wait until we have finished this new area until I show you but it's going to be great!

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  1. I find it so exciting too :-) I have more seeds coming this week and we are currently germinating a whole bunch of heirloom tomato plants.