Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our kitchen

Here of some before and afters of our kitchen. When we first bought our house it had been deserted for some time and the door didn't even close. Needless to say it was pretty disgusting! Even though the old deco kitchen cabinets had what looked like some potential, on closer inspection they were completely beyond salvation. So, as with the rest of the house it was completely gutted and new plaster including a new ceiling were put in.

Clever husband made and repaired all the window surrounds with the louver windows repaired.

We ripped up the many layers of floor to reveal the original pine floorboards which we patched and stained in a matt, no colour sealant. As we were on a tight budget we decided to go with an Ikea flatpack kitchen and benchtops, and the absolute beauty of that was an instant kitchen which Dave (clever husband) put together in a day. He cut the benchtop to fit but you can also get that professionally done if need be. To cut costs and also to avoid the look of a kitchen straight out of an Ikea showroom we incorporated some freestanding pieces to use as a pantry and more storage and we also decided to go for underneath cabinets with no upper cupboards. As it is a big space the storage the lower cabinets provide is ample.

The stainless steel splash back behind the oven is an off cut from a metal scrap yard that was cut to size then just glued and attached to the wall. Purpose built splash backs are ridiculously expensive but this little piece that we bought which is exactly the same cost less than a hundred dollars. Our appliances were all bought at auction for a fraction of the cost, for example our exhaust fan was $150 at auction but retails for about $65o, our oven was about $1000 and retails for about $4000. Auctions are great places to get good deals but you have to make quick decisions as to what you want and often they come with only short warranties. But they are being sold as their packaging has been ruined or they have a small scratch and there is nothing wrong with the actual product.

Everything else that you see are opp shop, market or roadside finds!


  1. Absolutely lovely!
    Love to see more, please!

  2. Really lovely and cool pictures. I assume that You have small house. But I am really impress that You have make it really sharp and magnetic house. I like it. Even I want to see more pictures , If It is possible.

  3. HI! I'm in Bowral, NSW and found your site from AT's re-nest site. We're about to move into a house that will need lots of love and your kitchen has totally inspired me. What a great job you've done!