Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A people chicken

As Jonty and I were having breakfast in the kitchen this morning we heard a familiar "bop, bop" outside the window. We knew it was Priscilla (or Percy as Jonty calls her), our exceptional flying chicken who flies in and out of the chicken yard all day as she pleases. She never usually ventures as far as the kitchen but I had noticed her going further and further from her regular stomping ground lately. Jonty and I went out onto the balcony off the kitchen and there she was to say good morning to us! Jonty was pretty happy with this and I think she was rather pleased with herself as well.

As we moved throughout the house she was always there outside, looking in at us. I looked at her outside the bedroom window and she flew up onto the window sill and "bop, bopped" at me there!

I can just see her curled up with us in front of the fire next! She is definitely more into the company of people over other chickens!

1 comment:

  1. :-D

    That there chicken is the reason that the words "chicken nappy" exist on backyard poultry.

    Kind Regards