Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring is here!

Finally there have been a few days that remind me Spring is here! It has been so wet lately that Jonty and I have hardly been outside in the yard much at all. But, the last two days the sun has been out and we have spent hours working in the garden and wandering around. As I had hoped, Jonty now seems old enough to play outside without needing me by his side all the time. After all, he just turned two on Saturday! Today he let me quietly garden away while he played in the dirt and watched all the various bugs, slugs and snails that he found. I'm hoping that we will be able to do a whole lot of this in the upcoming months and if so then I have a chance of keeping the garden under control, the vege garden producing and the new landscaping areas progressing!

I have recently been researching preserving jars. I had planned on doing a large purchase of some jars that will last me forever but was holding off a bit as it was going to be expensive. And then, as I was walking out of an opp shop the other day I saw a big container of Fowlers Vacola jars! But wait, there's more...the old man working there informed me of another two big boxes of them out the back! "Yes please" I said and home they came with me! I got about 80 jars for about a sixth of the price of new jars and even better, they are recycled. So, I have already ordered new clips and rubber seals which are on the way and I am excited about getting started.

Today at Aldi I bought about 10kgs of pears that were super cheap and have them waiting to be preserved. I found a nice sounding recipe on the internet which I'll try out. I can't wait to start lining up my jars full of delicious preserves.

This is Jonty helping me in the garden today. He enjoys doing the mulching with the straw!

One of our little chickens, Priscilla, is a particularly good flyer and manages to fly out of the coop so she spends most of the day going in and out of the chook yard and free ranging nearby. She is so friendly and loves being around us. I often find her clucking at the lounge room window looking in at us! She is also close by whenever we are outside and Jonty has taken a shine to her and thinks she is very pretty. I think they are going to become very good friends!


  1. I cant believe all those jars you scored, that is amazing! I started my vegie patch on Monday - Peas, Zucchini, Mini Romas and Tigerella Tomatoes - fingers crossed they will grow for me. I have some Pea seedlings left over would you like them - I will bring them on Sunday

  2. That is a fantastic haul, I'm so impressed! Will you be using a pressure cooker or a bottling unit (like Fowlers Vicola) to make your preserves? I'm trying to decide which to invest in at the moment.

  3. pigsandbishops, I have decided to not get a bottling unit yet and will use a large stockpot for boiling my bottles that way I can use it to make the preserve as well. That will do for the moment but I might get one later on.