Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rhubarb jam

On Saturday it was time to harvest some rhubarb that had been growing beautifully lately. I had done some reading on rhubarb jam recipes and came up with my own using the ingredients that I had on hand. I really avoid going to the shops to pick up one or two things for a specific recipe and so prefer to adapt to what I have. I find that if I pop into the supermarket all week I end up spending lots more money than what was necessary so I stay away except for my weekly shop. If I forget something it just has to wait to the following week.

So, rhubarb jam...

500gms chopped rhubarb
500gms sugar
rind and juice of one orange
dash of vanilla essence or vanilla bean

throw it all in together and simmer for about half an hour, To test if it is ready drop a little onto your kitchen bench and when it cool if it is all sticky like jam should be then it is ready!

The smell when it was cooking was divine and Jonty and I couldn't resist trying some straight away...

He gave it his seal of approval!

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