Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Into Production

It has been hard to be motivated to go out into the garden of late due to all of this rain that we have been having. It has meant, however, that my vegetable garden has just about been able to look after itself and seems to be growing super fast.
I feel like I am very close to being able to cross any vegetables off my shopping list. Today I was able to go out and pick all of the vegetables for our stir fry tonight and there are plenty more varieties that are close to being ready. At the moment I am able to pick;
snowpeas, yukina savoy (an asian green), baby heirloom carrots, Tuscan black kale, baby heirloom beetroot and silverbeet. Not to mention all of the herbs that are powering along.

I am trying really hard to be always planting so that I will always have something new coming on and be without any lean times. I know that once I stop buying vegetables I won't want to go back and so need to make sure I am keeping up with the planting. My onions and garlic are going really well along with the potatoes. Once these are all ready I am going to have a go at storing them so they will last as long as possible. Hopefully it will be enough to get us through but if not I will take note to make sure that I plant enough next time. This is all trial and error and I don't expect to get things right the first time. As long as I can figure out where I have gone wrong then I am sure that I can continue to solve problems so that over the next few years I am able to maximize my yields and my garden's potential.

We are still having to buy in compost to fill the raised garden beds, but the difference that it has made to just filling with our soil is substantial, and we know that this is just a one time investment having to only need to top it up every now and again in the future. I am finding having raised garden beds so much easier to look after than just regular beds. It's easy on your back, my son can easily be involved without doing too much damage and you are starting with the best soil possible without any weeds.

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  1. My dear, I wonder if you've watched the video series 'Victorian Kitchen Gardens'. What you're doing here isnt a farm - it's been known historically as a kitchen garden. Do see if you can get your hands on the DVDs; the series is a wonderful watch.