Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good mornings

Jonty and I are settling into a new sleeping routine after some upheaval from him getting sick and moving into a "big boy bed". He now sleeps in a little longer than he used to (the sun is at least up when he decides to surface these days!) and I have been getting out of bed sometimes hours before him. I am loving this time of the day as I potter around doing odd chores and generally enjoying the peace and quiet and having some time to get ready for the day.

This morning I went out to feed the chickens and collect the eggs,

and I discovered who has been eating my brussel sprouts. . .

. . . .and kale (it's the big fat green caterpillar hiding there on the leaf)

I cut the soap that I had made last night as I begin making Christmas presents,

and I stood on the balcony to drink my morning coffee watching the misty clouds hanging over the mountain.



  1. Wow... sounds too good to be true!! Enjoy it now while u can :) xx

  2. Oh wow. I loved reading that. I can almost feel the warmth reaching my frozen toes. Thank you. I LOVE that time when you're awake and THEY'RE asleep in the mornings... coffee/thinking time.

  3. sounds and looks so awesome - enjoy your quite time. xx