Monday, December 6, 2010

A little bit of Christmas

Dave and I are not generally that into Christmas. After years in the hospitality industry where Christmas meant lots of extra working hours, hugely busy days, and working when everyone else seemed to be celebrating, it has taken a while for the thought of summer not to bring dread.
But we are slowly starting to come round and now we are able to take time off to be with our families and sit back and enjoy the time with everyone else. We are also making an extra special effort as I know Christmas is really exciting for little ones and I want Jonty to enjoy it just as much as I did when I was young. So, this year we purchased our first Christmas tree!
We thought that Jonty would get over the fascination of a tree in our lounge room and leave it be but it turned out that the temptation was too much, and when he started to have plans about climbing it we decided to shift it to a safe zone. It nows sits on top of our wood stove (which thankfully is not needed this time of year in Australia) without the risk of little hands slowly striping it of its needles.

I did realise soon after putting up the tree that we had very few decorations, just a few baubles given to me my mother in law a few years back. So, over the last two evenings I have enjoyed doing a little hand stitching and making some simple hearts and I sewed up a paper bunting made from old sheet music. I like our tree now and I'm sure that every year we will develop our little family tradition of going down to the market to buy our tree! Next year Jonty should be old enough to help me make some more decorations which we will keep in a box to bring out each year.

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