Thursday, December 2, 2010

Soule Mama books

One of my favourite blogs to read is Amanda's Soule Mama and I finally got around to ordering her two books. One, The Creative Family, is full of great ideas for activities to do with children and lots of ways to help encourage their creativity and imaginations. The second, Handmade Home, is basically a how to craft book and there are lots of projects that I want to try. But, the one that I really wanted to get stuck into first was the rag rug. I love these rugs and what's best is that they use all the scraps and bits and pieces of fabric that I always have around from my business.
I have already started and am really enjoying sitting down at the end of the day after my little one is sound asleep and relaxing into the rhythm of plaiting my rug. It's a big project as I have a particular place in mind for it which means that it needs to be really big, but I am happy to plod away at it and am liking the idea of a long term project instead of what I usually do which is quick result sewing projects. Plus Christmas holidays are coming up and I'll have something to take away with me, unless of course it is too big by then as I don't think taking a giant rag rug on a road trip is particularly practical!

I'll keep you updated on my progress and also on any other projects that I try from the book.

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