Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blackberry season

This is just our third Summer in this house. The first year was a drought year without much rain at all, the second was an average year but still without too much rain and this year, as is widely known, the Summer has been drenched in rain. . . . more rain than we know what to do with. This has meant that the garden is looking very different than what it normally does this year and things are flowering that I have never seen flower before. And the blackberries! Last year we got a good amount and the year before hardly any. We have a wild, out of control weed like blackberry up here in the hills that is really in plague proportions and while during the rest of the year we curse it and try to get rid of it, it is this time of year that we appreciate it. And especially this year where I can pick a huge bucket of plump berries every day and still not be able to get them all, and that is just on our property. We are planning on eventually clearing them because they are a problem and we will plant a variety that is easier to control and in a place that we want them, but in the mean time I am picking as many as I can and freezing them for muffins, cakes, jam and whatever else I feel like using them for throughout the coming year.

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