Thursday, February 10, 2011

Garden review

Sorry about the lack of new posts lately but my camera broke down. However, a very generous friend has lent me her spare one and so now I'm back!
So, just to take stock of the garden at the moment. . . .
we are harvesting a variety of goodies that I don't think I will have to be buying any vegetables for a very long time. There are been enough to start stockpiling for lean times and I have been blanching and freezing with also a little preserving.

Currently we have zucchinis which can get away from us every now and again and we end up with huge marrows but I find that they are still delicious in soup or layered in a veg lasagne. I might try to pickle some soon. They are coming on at a nice pace though and because it is one of my favourite vegetables I'm finding a way to get them into most dinners lately!

I'm still pulling up the last of the beetroot and made three jars of relish yesterday.

I've experimented with growing a dried bean selection and thought that this would be harder than what it was but it has turned out quite successfully. The beans can been eaten fresh or left on the plant to dry and when you open up the brown shriveled pod you find these brightly coloured beans. I'm drying them out a bit more and then they will be put in a jar ready for cooking up one day! I've grown borlotti, black beans and yin yang beans. They have been fun to grow for something different.

Check out this beautiful heirloom beetroot!

Our heirloom pumpkins are doing great and are very prolific; I'm having to rescue them from getting over the fence into the neighbours yard! We have already eaten a few and soon I'll start piling them up on a shelf in the kitchen where they will hopefully sit until needed. I'm definitely saving seeds from these beauties as they will be something to be grown each year I think.

Also being harvesting at the moment is lettuce, capsicums, the last of the parsnip, blackberries, rhubarb and the brussel sprouts rescued from the caterpillers.
Next to soon come on are the tomatoes, chillies, celery and globe artichokes with potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes in the ground to come at a later date. I need to get to planting all the seed for the next planting out so will do that in the next few days. As long as I stay on top of it I should have a great variety for the table all year round. It's not something that you can get lazy about for too long I'm discovering, otherwise there will be very lean times in your harvest but it doesn't take that much time really to get so much reward.


  1. Wow! WOW! So jealous, it's still really chilly here....oh roll on Spring. How warm is it with you at the moment?

  2. It's a coolish summer for us this year and temperatures have been all over the place with one day being 38C and the next 20C! We have been having huge amounts of rain so the garden is more prolific than what I think it would usually be. Normally I am looking forward to Autumn and Winter at this time of the year but it has been so mild that I am still enjoying Summer. Keep warm Lou!

  3. Hi Theresa,

    Just wondering what type of pumpkin that is. It's not a variety I have seen previously and if it's done well in this unusual season I would be very interested to find some seed.

    Kind Regards

  4. Belinda, I can't tell you what variety this is, it's from a packet of heirloom seeds that I got from the Diggers Club. I'm getting this variety plus another smaller one that is a different shape and also doing really well. I'm saving the seeds from them so if you would like any let me know and I am happy to organise to get some to you. I see that you live in Mt.Dandenong so it would be easy!