Monday, February 14, 2011

Making pasta

In our attempt to replace as many store bought items with ones handmade we now make our own pasta on a regular basis. We used to only have this as a special treat before we got chickens as the cost of handmade pasta when buying eggs is expensive compared to store dried pasta. But, now that we have the girls out the back providing more than enough eggs we can enjoy the good stuff all the time. Again, as I always say, the closer you get to a sustainable lifestyle the better you eat!
Making pasta also provides some entertainment for Jonty who is now the master of the pasta machine. . . . I'm not allowed to touch it anymore!

The recipe is very simple; 1 egg to 100gms of bread flour. Just mix it together by hand on a bench or put it in a food processor. Once you have a stiff dough refrigerate it for a few hours before working with it.
We use a pasta machine to roll it out but you could use a rolling pin if you don't have one although I think this could be pretty hard work. I don't use the attachment to cut it into strips as I prefer the handcut look better and also like a nice fat strip called pappadelle instead of the thin which the attachment cuts.

I make a large batch at a time and then freeze it in batches so that it is there when I have a pasta craving which happens at least once a week.
The only problem with making your own pasta is that it is very hard to go back to the bought stuff which never compares!

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