Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sewing cupboard Part 2

Dave used a few pieces of another cupboard that came with this one to make shelves all to the measurements to fit in my bits 'n' bobs, and made a shelf on a roller that pulls out for my machines to sit on. I pull up a chair and off I go! All the cords are ingeniously attached to the back of the roller shelf so that I don't end up on my hands and knees trying to find them!

As Dave set about the practical details I focused on the pretty things! I wallpapered the inside of the doors with some vintage wallpaper that I had stashed away and used Japanese washi tape to cover the edges of the shelves which were a bit knocked around. I savored the time putting in all my things in just the right place and hammered nails into the doors to hold my cotton, labels, etc. It has turned out better than I hoped and working there is actually easier that what I had before as everything is within arms reach. Also I love that at the end of a sewing session I can just shut it all up and not look at it anymore! I think this would be perfect for someone living in a small apartment or share house and wanting to have a sewing space.

We now have used the space that I used to have for sewing for something else which I will post about soon!


  1. This looks sooooo great T : ) You are both so clever - love how the washi tape turned out, so stealing this idea. x

  2. I am SO HAPPY that you blogged about this with lots and lots of photos! Thank you! We're about to put in a big wall of cupboards and I'd envisioned a pull out shelf of some sort so I could sit and sew at the cupboard then just close the doors on it when I'm done (also one for paint and one for papercraft). I'd love to know how the shelf holds up to the vibration of the machine. My email is dlewis71@aapt.net.au if you have any advice :)