Monday, March 21, 2011


For no reason in particular, or perhaps for a whole bunch of them, I haven't posted in a long time. I often find that when I get out of the habit of fitting something into my daily life it is very hard to fit them back in again. Sometimes people ask me how I manage to do so much with a toddler at home. When I really think about it, the way I do squeeze all I do into a day is not just something that happens, it's a progression over a long period of time where I learn or discover something new that I want to do and then make that fit into a time of the day. After a period of time it just becomes part of what I do, there is no thinking about it or procrastinating or wondering how I am going to find the time, it just is part of what I do each day. So, it is all a layering effect of introducing new things all the time (because I have to keep learning and doing new things, that's just the way I am. Like is short and there is a lot that I want to do). It is something that takes a long time of injecting bits of this and that into life.
But, if something, for some reason, drops out of that cycle, then it takes a while to get it back in. Other things replace it, there is a line up ready and waiting for it's turn to become part of the cycle. And, well, blogging dropped out and then had to go to the end of the line. Now, it has made it to the front again and I am determined to keep it in. Blogging has been fun for me. It's a good way to reflect, to take a little time out to sit and think about the days rather than rush through them doing this and that...

now for catching up on what the Evans' have been doing all this time. It will take a few posts to get you all up to date but I am determined!

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