Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bookcase love

With the plans for starting our extension in the next few months we are pushing to finish all the things that we have wanted to do in the existing house before the baby comes along. Because we have created another living room down the other end of the house now we were able to convert the living area we had been using into a library/study/reading room/quiet room. I have always wanted a room like this. Somewhere with no TV, a wood fire and lots of books and comfy couches.
We have only one wall for furniture in this room as the others all have large picture windows so we decided a long time ago that we would replace the old and battered bookcases that we had there with a built in system spanning the whole wall. This was to hold all our books and office stuff.
Well, as you can see, we finally got it! It's the Liatorp series from Ikea and all flat pack which we love because you can bring it home the day you bought it and put it together straight away without having to wait for it to be made or ordered or delivered (I'm much too impatient for any of that!).
Luckily Dave and I make a good flat pack assembly team (we actually enjoy it, clever husband figures out how it goes together because his brain just works that way and I collect all the bits for the next step and just follow orders!). So, we got it all together and finished over two nights after Jonty had gone to bed.
I can not tell you how much fun I had lining up the books and placing things here and there!

This series was not the cheapest out there but we decided that we should spend a little more and get something that we think will last through our lives, match with the style of the house and also not succumb to current trends and go out of fashion. I love following fashion, interior design, etc, but I do that through soft furnishings and not through fixed fittings because I just don't think that it's wise economy. I don't want a house that is going to date.
Next thing that I want to do is make new cushions for the couch.
We have also bought a new desk as this room is going to also be the study. Dave is just finishing up that set up so will wait until he is finished before showing you.

Now I am looking forward to winter so that we can curl up in front of the fire with our books (or knitting!) in the evening in the peace and quiet. . . . . after Jonty is in bed!

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