Sunday, March 27, 2011


Each day I go outside I can come back inside with a basket full of goodies from the garden to cook with that day. I find this very satisfying but know that it could be much better. I have let the vegetable garden go a bit because the area where we have our raised beds is going to have to be all excavated for our extension and so the vegie beds will be shifted away and then placed back down, this time on a completely flat area. I know that once this is done I can work away at those beds knowing that they will be staying there and that it is not temporary. At the moment I am waiting for what is planted there to be finished up and then the beds will be lifted and stored away until after the excavation. I can't wait to get them back in their places and to get them sorted again but in the mean time I have no motivation to keep them tidy or organised and so don't really want to spend time around them.
I have some vegetable beds along the fence line and my herb garden where I can plant some things over the period of time that I am without the raised beds so need to spend my time getting those organised and planted out.

However, what I have realised through all of this is that it is really easy to grow vegetables and that we definitely have enough space to be self-sufficient from them and more. Without even much effort and with only having planted half of our beds, I am able to harvest enough so that we don't have to buy vegetables and we could really survive off the garden at the moment if need be.
I can't wait to see what potential our land really has and am determined to have a very neat and organised vegetable garden in the near future!

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