Monday, March 21, 2011

New projects

I wrote a while ago about our struggle over whether or not to extend our home to make it a little bigger and we had come to the conclusion that it wouldn't be happening any time soon and that we would spend our time adding a back deck, renovating the bathroom, etc. A few months back we decided that we would do the deck across the back of the house and in the future we could add rooms underneath (we live on the side if a hill so that the back of the house is raised). The more we talked about it and planned the more we realised that putting rooms under the deck in the future would be pretty tricky and that it made much more sense to do it at the same time as the deck. So, Dave got to planning, and we are now at the end of that process with the drawings being finished off and budgets have been put into place. At first I was a little apprehensive but because Dave is going to do most of the building and he does drawings and quotes for a living we have the opportunity to really squeeze as much renovation out of as little money as possible. I was actually surprised as to how little it would cost for such a large return. If we were going to go the regular route of hiring a builder to do it all we would have to forget about it, it would just be too expensive.
So, all of this building is going to fall just as a newborn enters our family! Crazy I know, but because the build is actually not really going to affect the existing house much at all I am ok with it. I am expecting it to take a while as there will be so much for Dave to do on his own, but he is a worker and when he has a project....!
So, we have been spending some time doing the things inside the house that we can do now before the bub comes along. I want the messy, dusty things done before she arrives and we will have months of the plans being in council waiting for approval. This is a perfect time to get all that we can started and also to keep researching and collecting building materials. We are recycling as much as possible and already there is a bunch of steel, timber, windows and doors that have come to us mostly for free.

One of the big things that we have done is knock a wall down.
It took one day and the difference is amazing. The wall was taken down between the kitchen and sewing room behind it making a new open plan kitchen and living room. Because of my new sewing cupboard I didn't need to dedicate a whole room to my work anymore and I am now able to have what I have always wanted, an open plan kitchen/living. Previously our living room had been at the opposite end of the house from the kitchen which is not that practical considering I spend most of the day there. Jonty would end up one end of the house and I would have to go backwards and forwards all day without being able to always keep an eye on him. Now everything is better, I love the new space and it is much bigger than I thought it would be.

The wall that had to go!

Bashing a hole in a wall is so much fun, I highly recommend it!

This wall was a structural wall so Dave had to put new supporting beams in the roof so we didn't just take to it with a sledgehammer, but really it was a simple process for a whole lot of change.

Ta da!

We moved the big table that we had in the lounge up to here and now it will be the table where everything is done with heaps of room to spare! I plan on sanding it back and oiling it so it will be a lighter colour but it took ages to just do a little patch so I think that will take a while to get done.

Obviously the plaster still needs patching and over Easter Dave is taking out the kitchen and we are relaying the floorboards in recycled hardwood as at the moment they are all different levels which the rug is kind of hiding. The wall with the windows (in the photo above) will also become glass doors that will open on to the deck when it is built which will open the space up even more. But for the moment, I love it!


  1. Love it!!! It looks awesome Theresa xx

  2. You are creating a beautiful home. I love your energy and enthusiasm!!

  3. Hi Theresa
    Just backtracking over your blog from the beginning - this is where I'm up to. I absolutely LOVE the transformation! What a difference taking out the wall must have made for you - perfect!
    Love it allxx