Thursday, April 21, 2011

re-nest feature and more before and afters

Something very exciting! Our kitchen make over was featured on the very lovely yesterday. If you want to take a look follow this link. There is talk of doing a full house tour too so I'll keep you posted!

It seems that people are interested in our renovation and I myself do love a good before and after so I have decided that over the next week or so I will do posts on our house make over.
Today I'll concentrate on the hallway and master bedroom. . . .

This is what our bedroom looked liked before. It had badly stained awful brown carpet, stains and holes in the ceiling and was generally dark and dreary.

The first thing to go was obviously the carpet and the boards were sanded and polished in a matt varnish. Then as with just about the entire house, the stucco style plaster and ceilings came down and new plaster was put up.
We painted it a pure white (no colour mixing, just straight white off the shelf - the whole house has been done the same), fixed up the windows with new sills and arcs, added new blinds and light fitting. The rest is just decoration!

The lamps were opp shop finds and the side tables were rescued from the local dump! The light fitting is from Ikea and the bedding is all from opp shops and made by me.

The green drawers were a plain pine set that my husband owned so I painted them and added miss matched hardware sourced from flea markets. The round set of drawers were attached to an old dressing table that came with the house and the sea chest at the end of the bed was unwanted and given to me a long time ago.

We won't have a bedroom for the new baby on the way until the end of the year so I have made up a corner of our large bedroom for her. There is ample space and it will do until we finish extending the house. . . . then I get to decorate a little girls room. Yippee! I bought the cupboard a long time ago from a second hand store and have loved it ever since.

Below is the before shots of our hallway. As you can see, more stucco plaster, bad stinky carpet and ugly light fittings.

We started with the carpet and clever husband repaired the floorboards.

New plaster, light fitting, and paint finished it off! All the door handles are ones that were rescued from one of the building sites my husband worked at. They give a bit of something different to regular cheap plain doors. We have since come across some beautiful old hardwood doors waiting to be stripped and repaired that we will eventually put through the whole house. Next time I think that I will show you the "temporary" make over of our bathroom!


  1. Hey, just found you via ReNest, and wanted to say I love the blog, and your cute house and garden. I look forward to more reno pics

  2. your home is so inspiring! We have a fixer uper and are slowly chipping away at all the renos - they can get so expensive!

  3. It's so peaceful looking and really beautiful.