Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daily Rhythm

As Scarlett now is into her third month I finally feel that we are settling into a daily rhythm where it just might be possible to perhaps do some cooking or gardening, make some soap or even take the time to catch up on some of those things on my forever expanding 'to do' list. Yes, we are getting it together now and everything doesn't seem so busy and out of control. It's amazing how I now feel like I must have had all the time in the world with just Jonty and that I wasn't busy at all. . . . having a toddler and a new baby, now that's busy! But, we adjust don't we? We roll with the new things that life brings, add them to our lives, and get on with it. Having Scarlett has brought a new sense of excitement to life. I am realising that these early days with her do go fast and so I take the time to just be with her and watch. The dishes can wait, I don't want to miss that little grin, or the first time that she manages to lift her head from the floor. I may be busier and have to stay up to all hours of the night to work on my business but I am loving life at the moment. I thought that with having another baby I would have to put a lot of the things that I enjoy doing on the back burner, but now I see that it is possible to fit it in; that it will be possible to garden, sew and cook and generally do the things that make my day enjoyable and not full of chores. Scarlett has arrived and is now slotting into her place in the family. We carry on as before, but now there is another layer of happiness and excitement with one more of us here to enjoy the days!

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