Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Around here we have a new favourite treat. . . chocolate hedgehog. It's made in bulk but generally doesn't last like it should. I have a huge, commercial size slice tin that I use for this and the intention is that it will be sliced up and put in the freezer to last at least a few weeks. But it never seems to work that way and by the time I get around to slicing it all up it just doesn't seem worth putting the remainder away! It's just one of those things that you can't stop eating... oh so good!

Here's the recipe for those of you that dare!

(I generally double this recipe for a huge batch but you need to have a big tin or lots of them to do this)

420 gms sweet biscuits (something like arrowroot)
210gms butter
210 gms sugar
60 gms cocoa
3 eggs, lightly beaten
coconut (I don 't measure this but I would say about 3/4 cup)
icing sugar
extra cocoa

-Crush biscuits. This is fun for little ones. Do this however you like. We put something between a tea towel and take to it with a rolling pin. Make sure you have pieces of biscuits not fine breadcrumbs. You can see in the picture the chunks of biscuit.
-Melt butter and sugar in a pan. Add coconut. Boil for a few minutes (it will split but that is ok)
- Let cool for a bit and then whisk in eggs quickly. Be careful not to let eggs cook so work fast.
-Add all ingredients together and mix well with wooden spoon.
- Pour it all into a slice tin (flat, shallow tin) and press down (I use the back of a spoon). Put into the fridge to set.
- After a few hours you can ice it. I don't measure these ingredients but just put about a cup of icing sugar and a tablespoon of cocoa in a bowl with a teaspoon of butter. Add about a tablespoon of boiling water over the butter and mix together so that the butter melts. Keep adding small amounts of boiling water so that you have a consistency of toothpaste. If you add too much water add more icing sugar. Spread over hedgehog and leave to set again. When the slice seems set enough to cut then you are good to go! Slice however you like and freeze what you don't need but be warned it is highly addictive!

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