Wednesday, October 12, 2011

why wouldn't you

I love clothes, always have always will. But I hardly ever buy anything new. Most of the clothing in this family comes from thrift stores, second hand markets, I make or are hand me downs from family and friends. I find that we can always get what we need and end up wioth better quality clothes than what we could afford to buy new anyway. This way you know how things are going to look after they have been washed and there is none of the disappointment of washing something once only to find that it falls apart, the colours run or it pulls. Also, I love the fabrics and styles of vintage clothing, like they say, things aren't made like they used to be. So here is a little collection of vintage numbers that I got for Scarlett just the other day. I think that the whole lot cost a grand total of $1.50...beautiful! And, honestly, why wouldn't you shop like this??

at our place...

...I've been surprised at how much produce can come from and be used in our dinners from our limited vegie patch at the moment (seriously if you are going to only plant one vegetable in your garden make it silverbeet [chard], it's the plant that just keeps on giving!).

...all our chickens are now on the lay so there have been many egg dinners!

...there's been a cold snap here in Melbourne so we have the fire cranking again and I spend a lot of time rotating washing around it to get it dry.

...and our little Scarlett just keeps on growing...