Wednesday, November 9, 2011

hangin' around

Goodness, it has been a long time between posts! Time is moving so fast these days that it really is an effort to try and put the brakes on just a touch and slow things down a bit. Every day I find myself trying to organise and fit everything in to the day, and when it comes to the evening I am thinking about how I can manage my days better. How can I fit this and that in and how can I give more time to my work or staying on top of the washing. Each week I have a new plan and this time it is going to work and my days will run to clockwork with everything getting done.....well I think that it is time to let that go and embrace the idea that the days blur by in crazy chaos. Yet, somehow, things get done. The kids get fed, the washing gets done (even though sometimes it needs washing again because it sat around too long wet in the basket!), the dinner gets made, my business runs and just sometimes there is a chance to sit and quietly have a cup of tea! I will probably keep writing lists and keep trying to find the secret behind staying organised during these crazy days but deep down I know that it won't work and that the days will continue to be a messy confusion of dirty nappies, forgotten things on the grocery list and pretty much just always trying to keep up!
But it is fun and certainly a crazy ride!

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  1. thanks for that D, I found the place where I could switch it over from members only being able to comment to just anyone now. Hopefully I'll now hear from more people!