Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on the move

Right. Been a little while I know. But, things have settled down now and life with two children has slipped into a routine that should be able to squeeze in a little time here and there for a blog post. I do like the beginning of a new year; the craziness of Christmas has settled and for me it seems that there is a chance to start afresh. Things that weren't working last year can be revised and set straight and new goals can be worked towards. I think that it is only about now, in February, that I begin to lose the excitement of the new year....I know that this does seem a little silly; a new year doesn't really mean that it will be much different from a few weeks ago in the previous year, but I have always felt the same anticipation as time ticks over and we are suddenly living in a newly numbered time in history.
So, I have plans for this year and it is going to be big. The biggest thing of all is that we are on the way with our extension. The excavator has been and for the first time we have level areas in our backyard and a nice big flat spot to put the new build. It is going to take at least the entirety of this year as we are doing it ourselves in the evenings after the kids are in bed and on the weekends. It is hard work; so far a whole lot of time spent on trying to dig holes in rock, but it does move along and I am hoping that soon we will begin progress above the ground rather than under it! I do love the manual labour, I am the builders apprentice on this, and there is something so satisfying about the idea of physically building your house yourself. There is a sense of control that I think is lost when others are employed to do it which I also think brings the most amount of stress. We have no time frame, just short term goals, slowly, slowly we will get there.
There will be lots to show you as the year goes on and I'll try to keep up with the building process and all the information that goes with that.
And while that is all happening Jonty and Scarlett will be growing and reaching milestones as they continue to bring so much fun into these days. Scarlett is on the move now, commando crawling and getting into things (mostly Jonty's things!).

A common scene when Jonty isn't looking!