Friday, April 13, 2012

out and about the house

We are out and about a lot these days trying to keep the renovation moving along. I am trying to crack on with the landscaping while Dave digs, welds, jackhammers, etc.

I know that it seems like the house is hanging in mid air but I assure you it's all under control! There has been a lot of excavation under the house which has meant that it has been put on and off props a whole lot. At first I was quite nervous as our house being on the side of a hill is quite high off the ground, but now I am used to it and not phased at all!
The picture above shows where the balcony used to be hence the door to nowhere. I miss our little veranda. It was a good place for visitors to arrive to and for muddy boots to be kicked off. But, the new deck which will wrap around to include our old balcony space will be better ......patience Theresa!

The extension will actually be on the flat ground in this photo, sitting next to, but below the original house, a big deck will sit above the new build which will be level with the original house, catch my drift? You'll see...

Here is my new vegetable garden in progress. It is terraced with rock walls and will run down the side of our backyard. I am planting as we go; the first bed you can see on the bottom of this photo is planted with corn. We are going to make popcorn out of it which Jonty is very excited about. There has been a lot of progress since this photo was taken and I am nearly finished so will take a few more snaps for another post. I am really loving having a veg garden again. Jonty gets a lot out of it and we all love watching it grow.

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  1. Hi Theresa
    My house hangs off the side of a hill, too. It has it's advantages - I don't know that I could go back to NOT having something gorgeous to look at. I love your vegie garden - I've been trying to work out how to manage one on my sloping block - I'll be keen to see how yours goes. I've just started reading your blog - bought the prettiest little top of yours from Betty Mim and found you - so, as I'm laid up with a bug, I'm looking forward to back-tracking.
    Have a lovely and productive weekend.
    PS - you have the sweetest kidlets xx