Sunday, April 15, 2012

red and blue

Here are some recent opp shop finds for Scarlett. There is am obvious red and blue theme that was completely unintentional and I only noticed when I went to take the photos! So, TWO pairs of red shoes - I always imagined that if I had a girl she would be running around in red shoes.... now we just have to wait till she can walk. In the meantime the shoes will sit on her shelf to be admired. A lovely little dress which I couldn't resist and at the upper end of what I will spend on clothes, $4.00! And a very cute shirt which I think cost 50 cents. I love the tin spinning top. It's a German brand and I know it's very expensive cause they sell them at a toy store near here. Love a tin toy, so good to have something not plastic!

Scarlett is pretty happy with the purchases even though she seems more content to play with some building adhesive tube rather than the very cool spinning top!

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  1. I longed for a pair of red shoes for my lovely girl when she started walking but couldn't find a thing. Then one day I found a pair of Robin shoes (from the UK) in red. My lovely girl liked them OK, but seemed like she could take them or leave them. I couldn't part with them and when gorgeous girl came along four years later and was old enough to wear them she absolutely adored them and wanted to wear them long after they were too small. I wish I'd kept them, now, but a succession of nieces wore - and loved - them. Such a nice memory.
    Scarlett will look lovely