Wednesday, May 2, 2012

project leather satchel bags

I've been testing out a new project and have been making leather satchels.  It started because I wanted a bag, couldn't find one that was a reasonable price and so I bought some leather offcuts from Camberwell market and had a go at it myself.  I enjoyed it so much that I have made a few now and have more ideas in my head to try out.  I get like this sometimes.  I have an idea and I cannot stop thinking about it until I have tried it out.  The first one is made really rushed because I am too excited about what I am doing and just want to see if it's going to work.  Then, if I think that I it will work after the first rushed attempt I make another with a little more care and time.  That one is never quite good enough so I have to make another and then another until I perfect it or at least am happy with the outcome.  Sometimes I have an idea, have a go at making it work, then decide it isn't going to and put it down without ever going back to it again.  I can move on, I have got it out of my system and can then concentrate on other things.  My life is full of projects in the making, whether that be outside in the garden, inside the house, through my work or just little side things like these bags.  Life is short and there is lots to be made!


(*Jane, thought you might be interested in having a closer look at my terraced veg garden! T x)
The new veg garden is coming along well and I have only two more terraces to build.  I'm glad that I planted as I went cause now I have some growth to watch and it's motivating me to finish it all off.  The corn has been really fun to watch.  Jonty and I planted it together.  We are going to make popcorn out of some of it so he is particularly interested!  Also now rearing their lovely little green heads are kale, garlic, peas, lettuces,  broad beans, radishes and beetroot and I have heaps more space to plant loads more.  And by the time I finish the planting it will be time to harvest something which will make room for even more!  Staggered planting is definitely the way to go and with all this space that I now have there should be always something for Jonty to pull up and eat.  I am desperate to start harvesting something with him.  He's a fussy eater but I find that if he has grown it himself he is more inclined to give it a go especially if it means picking it straight from the plant and popping it in his mouth.  I was completely surprised the other day when I handed him a raspberry from our one small vine and he threw it with vigor into his mouth and declared it yummy!  He would never eat a raspberry inside from the fridge!